Welcome to Cody Elementary Physical Education!!!

Healthy Habits Calendars:  Each child will be given a calendar at the beginning of each month.  The District expectations are that each child complete at least 20 of the activities listed on the calendar.  They do not have to be completed in order!  Place a X through the activities completed.  You may substitute another healthy choice by writing it in.   At the end of each month - they should be returned to Ms. Overstake.  I would encourage this to be a family activity!    IF your child has completed the 20 activities - please sign the calendar.  Monthly results will be posted in the gym to encourage everyone to return their completed calendars.

Have fun!!


Volleyball Unit:

Kindergarten and First Grade:  Introducing the game with simple striking skills using the forearms and hands. 

2nd Grade:  Review striking skills and moving on simple score keeping, underhand serving and understanding the difference of front row and back row players.

3rd Grade:  Beginning Volleyball Level I

        Unit Objectives:  Serve underhand over a lowered net,

                                Learn simple rules, rotating and scoring.

                                Play a simple game of:  Beach ball Volleyball, One-Bounce Volleyball   and Shower Service Ball.


4th Grade:  Beginning Volleyball Level II

        Unit Objectives:  Serve underhand over a lowered net,

                                Learn simple rules, scoring and rotating.

                                Play lead - up games which utilize these game skills.


5th Grade:  Beginning Volleyball Level III

        Unit Objectives: Execute the overhand and forearm pass,

                                Learn basic rules and terminology,

                                Execute proper underhand serving technique.


6th Grade:  Beginning Volleyball Level IV

        Unit Objectives:  Overhand serve over a lowered net,

                                Know how to score a volleyball game,

                                Learn basic rules and terminology.


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