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Class Lessons

Lessons from class will be posted with the date of lessons.  Anything underlined is linked and available for download.

History Alive! Textbook in Microsoft Word Format

Optimism vs. Pessimism- Aug. 23
Select Desk #'s- Aug. 23
Name Plates- Aug. 23
Assign Course Syllabus- Aug. 24
Advice for 8th Grade- Aug. 24
Handed out coupons to leave class- Aug. 24
Changing the World- Aug. 24
Google Classroom Reflection Assigned- Aug. 24
Google Classroom Reflection Feedback- Aug. 25
Assigned 1st Quarter Goal Sheet- Aug. 25
Assigned Student Survey- Aug. 25
Quarter 1 Goal Sheets due- Aug. 28
Likes/Dislikes of PVJH (journal & discuss)- Aug. 28
Syllabus Quiz- Aug. 28
Reviewed Class Website- Aug. 28
Housekeeping checklist- Aug. 28
Dash Video- (if time) Aug. 28
Trash Can Goals- 1st look at goals- Aug. 29-31
Goal Setting PowerPoint w/ Videos- Aug. 29-31
John Byrne Story- Aug. 29-31
Google Classroom Goal Setting Reflections and Feedback- Aug. 31
Family Feud Geography- Sept. 1
Discussed Patriotism- Sept. 5
Patriotic Day 2015 clip- Sept. 5
View Film Surviving 9-11 & Discuss- Sept. 5 and 6 |
Work on Patriotic Posters (short schedule)- Sept. 7
Patriotic Day- Sept. 8
Why History? Lesson- Sept. 11, 12
Why History? Notes- Sept. 11, 12
Advice by Kid President- Sept. 12
Timeline Challenge- Sept. 13
Google Classroom Feedback discussion on Why History? Lesson- Sept. 14
Foundations- Sept. 14-15, 18
13 Colony Puzzle- Sept. 19

Unit KUD and Lesson Goals- Sept. 20
Unit intro trivia with technology research practice- Sept. 20
Hand out assignment Perspective Comparison- Sept. 21
Hand out assignment Unit Key Terms- Sept. 21
Research John Locke and share findings- Sept. 21
John Locke in-class Lesson Summary- Sept. 21
John Locke Notes- Sept. 21
Google Classroom John Locke- Sept. 21
Google Classroom Feedback- Sept. 22

John Locke Intervention Sheet- Sept. 22
Reviewed John Locke- Sept. 22
British Warfare discussion- See notes in Summary on French and Indian War- Sept. 22
Notes from French and Indian War- Sept. 25
French and Indian War Guided Role Play- Sept. 25
French and Indian War Lesson Summary- Sept. 25
Google Classroom Assignment (French and Indian War)- Sept. 25
Google Classroom Feedback- Sept. 26
Reviewed French and Indian War- Sept. 26
Quick Quiz on French and Indian War- Sept. 26
No Child Left Behind Review on French and Indian War- Sept. 26
French and Indian War Concept Map- Sept. 26
Google Classroom Proclamation Line- Sept. 27
Proclamation Line/Sugar Act Lesson Summary- Sept. 27-28
Notes on Proclamation Line/Sugar Act- Sept. 27-28
Proclamation Line/Sugar Act Roles- Sept. 27-28
Google Classroom Sugar Act- Sept. 29

Quartering Act Lesson Summary- Oct. 2
Quartering Act Notes- Oct. 2
Quartering Act Roles- Oct. 2
Perspective Comparison from 1st 3 Causes- Oct. 2
Google Classroom Quartering Act- Oct. 2
Notes from Stamp Act-Townshend Acts- Oct. 3-4
Lesson Summary Stamp Act-Townshend Acts- Oct. 3-4
Colonists' letter to King George III- Oct. 4
King's Response to Colonists- Oct. 4
Stamp Act Review and DBQ's- Oct. 5
Standard 5 CFA (Understand author's point of view)- Oct. 5
Google Classroom Debate Causes 1-6- Oct. 6
In-Class Verbal Debate Causes 1-6- Oct. 6
Boston Massacre Play- Oct. 9
Crime Scene Investigators Report- Oct. 9
Google Classroom Debate (Massacre or Self-Defense)- Oct. 9
Debate...Massacre or Self-Defense?- Oct. 10
Revere's picture of Boston Massacre- Oct. 10
Boston Massacre Lesson Summary- Oct. 9-10
Boston Massacre Video 1- Oct. 10
Boston Massacre Video 2- Oct. 10
Soldiers' Trial Notes- Oct. 10
Intervention/Enrichment POV Standard- Oct. 11
Present Posters for Enrichment- Oct. 11

Perspective Comparison Causes 4-7- Oct. 11
Notes from Tea Act/Coercive Act- Oct. 12-13
Roles from Tea Act/Coercive Act- Oct. 12-13
Tea Act/Coercive Act Lesson Summary- Oct. 12-13
Debate Causes 8 & 9- Oct. 13
Battle at Lexington Lesson Summary- Oct. 16
Battle at Lexington/Concord Notes- Oct. 16
NCLB Quiz Causes 8-10- Oct. 16
Cause and Effect CFA- Oct. 17
Debate 10 Causes- Oct. 17
Witness Selection and 10 Causes Review- Oct. 17
Standard 3 Enrichment/Intervention (Break Out)- Oct. 18
Mock Trial over Revolutionary War Causes- Oct. 19 & 20
Study Guide 10 Causes (Perspective Comparison)- Oct. 20
Review Game over War Causes- Oct. 20
Key Terms on Quizlet- Oct. 20
Unit Assignments Due and Reviewed- Oct. 23
Rev. War Causes Content Test- Oct. 23
Standards Test over War Causes- Oct. 24
Rev. War Unit Intro Movie- Oct. 25


Finish unit movie- Oct. 26
Unit intro Trivia- Oct. 26
No School- Oct. 27
2nd quarter Goal Sheet Assigned- Oct. 30
Explain proper citation- Oct. 30
Explain Revolutionary War Projects and Select- Oct. 30
(Students pick 1 of the following projects to complete)  
Newspaper                    Skit                Newscast                     Music Video
PowerPoint/Prezi            Poster            Research Paper            Social Media
Artwork                        Storybook
 Work on Projects- Oct. 31, Nov. 2-3
Iowa Assessments- Nov. 1-2
Students Present Projects- Nov. 6-7
Live Student to Student Feedback- Nov. 6-7
1776- Nov. 8-9
Finish projects- Nov. 10
Veteran's Day tribute- Nov. 10
Hand out 2nd Quarter goal Sheet- Nov. 10
Revolutionary War PowerPoint- Nov. 13
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (Rev. War Edition)- Nov. 14
Assign Current Event Summary-Nov. 15
*Breaking News Competitions*- Nov. 15

Revolutionary War Dodge ball- Nov. 16
Compare game with war- Nov. 17

Government Star Wars Unit Intro- Nov. 17
US Citizenship Test- Nov. 17
Government Unit KUD- Nov. 17
Unit Intro- Shays Rebellions- "What is wrong with our country?"- Nov. 20
Farmer Point of View on Shays' Rebellion- Nov. 20-21
Governor Point of View on Shays' Rebellion- Nov. 20-21
Textbook Account on Shays' Rebellion- Nov. 20-21
Shays' Rebellion Lesson Summary- Nov. 20-21

Weaknesses of Articles of Confederation- Nov. 27
Review 8 weaknesses of Articles of Confederation- Nov. 27
Constitutional Convention Preview- Nov. 28
Book Review of Convention (pp.106-112)- Nov. 28
NCLB Quick Quiz- Nov. 28
Constitutional Convention Play- Nov. 29
Constitutional Convention Lesson Summary- Nov. 29
Constitutional Convention Notes- Nov. 29
Government Puzzle- Nov. 30
Government Branches Notes- Nov. 30
CFA- Claim and Evidence- Dec. 1
Go through Government puzzle- Dec. 1
Bar Exam Flash Cards- Dec. 1
Bar Exam- Dec. 4
Read pp. 121-129 from History Alive- Dec. 4
Answer Government Questions- Dec. 4
Law School Graduation Ceremony- Dec. 4
Conduct Legal Competition- Dec. 5
Enrichment/Intervention- Dec. 6
How a law gets passed- Dec. 6-7
Bill to Law Lesson Summary with Videos- Dec. 6-7
Deputy Wilkinson 4th Amendment- Dec. 8
Study Sheet on Bill of Rights- Dec. 11
Completed Study Sheet on Bill of Rights- Dec. 11
Create Bill of Rights Poster/Presentation- Dec. 12-13
Present Bill of Rights Posters- Dec. 14
Bill of Rights Notes- Dec. 14
Rights Rights Baby Song- Dec. 13
Bill of Rights Scenarios- Dec. 15
Hand out Essential Standard Project info- Dec. 13
Google Classroom Feedback Bill of Rights- Dec. 18
Electoral College Lesson Summary- Dec. 18-19
Electoral College Notes- Dec. 18-19
NCLB Government Quiz 2- Dec. 19
Electoral College Google Classroom- Dec. 20
Lesson Summary on Taxes- Dec. 20-21
Notes on Taxes- Dec. 20-21
Essential Standard Project Overview- Dec. 22
Supreme Court School Rulings- Dec. 22
3 Levels of Government Lesson Summary- Jan. 3
Check Homework Assignments- Jan. 4
Unit Quizlet Terms Game- Jan. 4
Government Vocabulary Arcade Games- Jan. 4
Trash Can Vocabulary Game- Jan. 4
Pac-Man Unit Vocabulary Game- Jan. 4
Test Review- Jan. 4
Student created test review in PowerPoint- Jan. 4
Government Study Guide- Jan. 4
2nd Government Study Guide- Jan. 4
Copy of Old Government Test- Jan. 4
Government Unit Test- Jan. 5
Geography Bee- Jan. 8-9
Explain Government Standards Project- Jan. 9


Select Government Standard project topic- Jan. 10
Essential Standard Project Work Day- Jan. 10-16
Claim & Evidence Graphic Organizer due- Jan. 16
Contact Information for Standards Project- Jan. 16
Standards Project Example Letter- Jan. 16
Fishbowl Student Feedback day- Jan. 18
Project Improvement Day- Jan. 19
Present Essential Standard Project- Jan. 22-26, Jan. 29
Citizenship Test- Must pass with 60% or higher- Jan. 30
Breaking News Current Event Day- Jan. 31
Goal Sheet 3rd qtr. assigned- Jan.31

What is "Manifest Destiny"?- Feb. 1
Manifest Destiny Summary- Feb. 1
Lewis and Clark Classroom Activity - Feb. 1
Lewis and Clark Activity Descriptions- Feb. 1
Watched Lewis and Clark- national geographic.  Can be found on youtube.com - Feb. 2
Jefferson and Madison Era- Feb. 5
No Child Left Behind Quick Quiz - Feb. 5
Manifest Destiny Documents- Feb. 6-7
Manifest Destiny DBQ's- Feb. 6-7
Oregon Trail (Individual Game)- Feb. 8
Oregon Trail (Team Game)- Feb. 9
High School Registration Day- Feb. 12
Oregton Trail (Class Championship)- Feb. 13
Manifest Destiny and Summarization Summary- Feb. 14
Point of View and Summarization CFA- Feb. 15
Andrew Jackson Legacy/Controversy- Feb. 15

Children's Storybook Project Intro- Feb. 20
Children's Storybook Research/Write Days- Feb. 20-22
Children's Storybook peer feedback day- Feb. 23
Create Children's Book- Feb. 26
Share Children's Books- Feb. 27
Black History Month
Rosa Parks Story- Feb. 28- March 2 (May be found on www.youtube.com by typing in name of movie)
Movie Quiz- March 2

Beginning of Slavery Unit
Slavery Introduction- March 5
Equiano Primary Source- March 5
Summarization Form- March 5
Answers to Summarization Form-March 5
Middle Passage Lesson- March 6-7
Underground Railroad Webquest- March 8-9
Underground Railroad Webquest Questions- March 8-9
SPRING BREAK- March 10-18
Slavery Mini-Drama- March 19-21
Primary Sources for Mini Drama- March 19-21
Slavery Mini-Drama Rubric- March 19-21
Slavery Mini Drama Aspect Notes- March 19-21
Mini Drama FAQ's- March 19-22
Underground Railroad "Goose Chase"- March 23

Present Mini Dramas- March 26-27

Unit Movie- Race to Freedom- March 27-29
Race to Freedom Movie Guide- March 27-29
Slavery Unit Study Guide- April 2
Test Review- April 2
Slavery Unit Key Terms Due- April 2
Slavery Content Test- April 3
Goal Sheet Quarter 4- April 3
Slavery Standards Test April 4
Introduce Debate Throw Down- April 4
Select debate- April 5
Work on debates- April 5, 6, 9
Debate Throwdown (explained and rubric)- April 10-12
Debate Make-up Assignment- April 10-12
Debate Topics- April 10-12
Junior Achievement- April 13

Beginning of Civil War Causes Unit
Unit KUD- April 16
Unit Intro Trivia- April 16
Civil War Causes- April 17
1 Main Play April 18
Civil War Story of Us- April 19
Junior Achievement- April 20
JA Guest Entrepreneur- April 23
Intro Project- April 24
Work on Project- April 25-26    Newspaper Template- April 25-6
No School- April 27
Present Projects- April 30-May 2
Civil War Kickball- May 3
Junior Achievement- May 4
Glory- Civil War Movie- May 7-10
Glory Movie Guide- May 7-10
Junior Achievement- May 11
Beginning Post-Civil War Unit
Lincoln's Assassination Activity- May 14-16

Lincoln's Assassination Lesson- May 14-16
Lincoln's Assassination Notes- May 14-16
Finish Lincoln's Assassination lesson-May 14-16
Lincoln Conspiracy Movie- May 17
Junior Achievement- May 18
Reconstruction Intro Activity- May 21


Finish Assassination Trial- May 15
Conspiracy Kickball- May 16
Reconstruction Unit intro trivia- May 17
Junior Achievement- May 19
Reconstruction Power Point- May 22,
Reconstruction KUD- May 18, May 22
History Alive Reconstruction Notes- May 18, May 22
Mr. Paul's Reconstruction Notes- May 18, May 22
Sharecropping Activity- May 23
Reconstruction Kickball- May 24
Industry and Immigration- May 25

Junior Achievement- May 26
Reflection Day- May 30

Industrial Revolution Notes- Jan. 20-21
Industrial Revolution PowerPoint- Jan. 20-21
History Channel on Industrial Revolution- Jan. 20-21
NCLB Quick Quiz on Industrial Revolution- Jan. 21
Assembly Line Activity- Jan. 22
Discuss Assembly Line Activity- Jan. 23
Missouri Compromise/Monroe Doctrine Lesson Summary- Jan. 26
Missouri Compromise/ Monroe Doctrine Notes- Jan. 26,
Missouri Compromise/Monroe Doctrine review Questions- Jan. 26
Andrew Jackson Activity Sheet- Jan. 27-28
Jackson Activity Station Materials- Jan. 27-28
Corrupt Bargain 1824 - Station 1   Jan. 27-28  
Andrew Jackson & Indian Removal- Station 6   Jan. 27-28
Indian Removal Act Video- Jan. 27-28
Review Stations/Jackson- Jan. 29
NCLB Quick Quiz (#3 of unit)- Jan. 30
Indian Removal Act Movie- Jan. 30
Snow Day (No School)- Feb. 2
Oregon Trail Video- Feb. 10
Oregon Trail Celebrity Guest- Feb. 10
"Groups that Moved West"  Work on Mini-Drama- Feb. 11-13
Primary Sources for Mini Dramas- Feb. 11-17
Primary Source Notes for Mini Dramas- Feb. 17
Present Mini Drama- Feb. 17
Absent for Mini-Drama Alternative- Feb. 17
Manifest Destiny Key Term List 1- Feb. 19
Manifest Destiny Key Term List 2- Feb. 19
Unit Review in Pictures- Feb. 19
Review Unit Homework Map- Feb. 19
Manifest Destiny Study Guide (may be completed by Feb. 23 to raise Homework score to 16)- Feb. 19
Test Review- Feb. 20

Test over Manifest Destiny- Feb. 24

Review missed items from test- Feb. 25
Geography 1

BEGIN UNIT ON ELECTION CAMPAIGN (only during Presidential election years)
Campaign Unit Explanation and Watch Debates- Oct. 22
Electoral College Notes- Oct. 23
Problem Solving Group Work- Oct. 23
8 Sample States from 2008 Election- Oct. 23
2008 Electoral Map- Oct. 23
2012 Electoral Map- Oct. 23
History Flashback!  Gore Wins Florida- Oct. 23
History Flashback!  Florida too close to call- Oct. 23
History Flashback!  Florida in recount- Oct. 23
Select Campaign Jobs- Oct. 24
Begin work on campaign- Oct. 24
Jobs listed below (each student picked 1 job)
Presidential Debate
Vice-Presidential Debate
Cabinet Member (research one of 5 major issues)
Commercial Producer
Social Media Specialist
Fill out 2nd quarter goal sheets- Oct. 25
Watch political ads/speeches/debates- Oct. 25
Work on campaign in class- Oct. 26
Work on campaign in class- Oct. 29
Hand in Cabinet Papers-Oct. 30
Watch Commercials/Social Media- Oct. 31
Speeches and VP Debates- Nov. 1
Presidential Debates- Nov. 2

Electoral College Problem Solving Group Work (2012 Election)- Nov. 23
 State Results from 2012 Election (used for problem solver)- Nov. 23
Electoral Map 2012-Nov. 23
Electoral Map 2008- Nov. 23

Lesson on Diversity- Aug. 31
Pilgrim Story No Errors- Aug. 31
Dyslexia Pilgrim Story- Aug. 31
Autistic Teenager Video- Aug. 31
World's Strongest Dad Video- Aug. 31
Team Hoyt- Extended Version- Aug. 31

Jason Paul Video- "Overcoming Obstacles"- March