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Math - math contest and brain teasers - math games - Math Fact Cafe - AAA Math (K-8 and many math topics) - Math Baseball  - A+ Math  - ArithmAttack - Resource Room (multiplication practice) - Flashcard Exchange - math games linked for each lesson and unit


Reading - Wacky web tales - Time for Kids Magazine - CNN Student New

Social Studies - 50 states review game - U.S. State Capitals Quiz U.S. Map Games    - Many geography and  social studies topics - A great resource for information on the US - Washington, D.C. and Congress  - Official White House site - Washington, D.C. - PBS Kid Friendly Site on Elections and the Executive Branch - Find government officials - FEMA Kids site - Information about all 50 states - United States Mint site for kids - Is Soil Made Through Magic - Build A Prairie - Agriculture in the Classroom Kids Site


Other - Hershey Chocolate Factory - Dole 5 a Day - Nutrition Cafe


Research - Fact Monster!/ - Kids Click! - Ask Jeeves Kids - Kid Info

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