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Much as the acronym S.O.S. is commonly recognized as the international Morse code signal of distress and a request for help, so too, the Pleasant Valley Community School District recognizes that students and parents occasionally need to “request help” in the form of academic tools and guidance to increase their likelihood for success.  Toward that end, the district has developed various study skill resources to assist the learning process.  The study skills materials in this section are designed to provide background knowledge, resource materials, and suggestions to relieve academic distress and help students optimize their success as lifelong learners.

 S.O.S. (Studying Optimizes Success) ----academic relief at your fingertips!!

What are study skills?

Study skills or learning skills are processes for lifelong learning.  These practical skills include organizational tools, time management techniques, test preparation and test-taking strategies, note-taking guidance and/or personal responsibility tips.

How do study skills support learning?

Good study skills are important for success in school, to foster feelings of competence, to develop positive attitudes toward school/work, and to help students realize they can exercise control over how well they do in school and in life.  Good study habits lay the groundwork for successful work habits as an adult.

For students to develop effective study skills, teachers and parents must work collaboratively. Parents and teachers provide direct instruction, modeling and practice opportunities to help students acquire the skills needed.  Since learning preferences vary from student to student, it is essential to help students learn what works best for them and to use those learned skills effectively and consistently.

The materials in this section have been divided to support the needs of parents and students.  Please use either section or both to guide your learning needs.


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